The Detentions have a very rare combination of smooth harmonies, well written songs, with an infectious stage presence that will have you smiling ear to ear hoping the show never ends. Throw in the fact they are two of the nicest folks you’d ever want to meet off stage and you’ve got one of the best touring duos in the nation! If their tour comes within 100 miles of you, we highly encourage you to make the show! ”

Eric and Gina Babin [Radio Trop Rock]

Perhaps no group in Trop Rock is more in touch with who they are and what their sound/style is than The Detentions. If you love The Detentions you will love this CD. If you are new to The Detentions, this CD is the perfect introduction and start of your Detentions collection.”

Todd Alexander [Phlockers Magazine] on The Detentions and their fourth album- Yes It Is

Duo of the Year- 2018, 2017, 2016”

Trop Rock Music Association

Good song! Well done (great pickin’), and it occurred to me that it’s an angle that hadn’t been covered in this well-milked assortment of “trop-rock.” Nice going. A Google search of “Beach in Heaven” brought up nothing but religion—and now your song. Excellent.”

— Steve Huntington [Radio Margaritaville] on "Beach in Heaven"

Dan Sullivan and Chris Hillier are local teachers by day and singer-songwriter rockers by night.”

Nicole Barrios [The Round Rock Leader]